Thursday, February 9, 2017

Levinsky - hipsters and beggars

Levinsky market area is one of my favorite places for sketching and food. In the past one the poorest areas of Tel Aviv, today turning to be more and more trendy. Old shops start to give a place to super-cool boutiques, simple worker-class restaurants - to "authentic" chef-houses, the area gets full of all kind of touristic tours. Residents are contrast mixture as well - coffee shops full of hipsters and tourists, beggars and street sellers passing between them. I know that changes are inevitable, I don't know if I like them that way, though...
view on Levinsky street from trendy Tonny&Ester coffee chop

coffee drinkers in Tonny&Ester

hipster with a red knitted hat

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Common future

Last night I took a part in a protest march common to Jews and Arabs, for equality and against racism. You can call me naive, but  I believe that most of people just want to live in piece one with another and that we much more in common. And that it is the only way to survive in this crowded place. It was something very optimistic in those people marching together in the heart of Tel Aviv.
As usual, people approached me to see what I'm drawing. I got ungrudging comments from both - Jews and Arabs - which is the first proof that I'm right ;)

Friday, January 27, 2017

People in coffee shops

Coffee shops aren't the most breathtaking places for sketching, but people are everywhere, and people in coffee shops are perfect models - busy by chatting and eating, telling to a sketcher-hunter a lot of stories.
two not very young women

grandpa and his grandson

girls chatting

hipster looking like Herzel

Monday, January 16, 2017

Rothschild corner of Herzel

We set our last sketchcrawl at Rothschild corner of Herzel - the South part of Rothschild Boulevard, one of living arteries of Tel Aviv. I came there few days before to check the spot. Started from a cup of coffee at fancy DaDa&Da - all these small tables facing boulevard and a lot of French speakers at the background (because of closeness of the French Institute) made me feel that I'm sitting at Champs Elysees.

After that I walked down the Herzel street, looking for something less fancy and more authentic. Finally, I found a bench from which I could capture a view to the street with iconic Shalom Tower on the background and all the colorful mess of people, smells, colors and noises in front of me.
 Here are sketches from the different places at Rothschild Boulevard - looking so different depends on point of view.
people waiting for the green light - challenging to capture

elder couple were sitting in front of me and sunken into drinking coffee and chatting without noticing me sketching them

lonely fountain - very calm in contrast with the colorful street
 It was beautiful day, beautiful weather and great company as well!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Music and souvenirs from the childhood near Cinematheque Tel Aviv

So, at our last Sketchcrawl we had: December's gentle sun, unexpected Jazz festival, vintage flea market, coffee shop across the street, great company of sketchers - old friends and newcomers, all injected by the same germ of sketching. Could it be better?
Wonderful street musician was playing beautiful songs at the entrance to the flea market. I set down on the ground and started to sketch, feeling like I'm inside the movie with the beautiful soundtrack. 
great street musician near the flea market

I passed between the stands of the market and stooped near the stand selling Soviet souvenirs. There were pioneer badges, exactly as I had when I was a kid! The seller approached me, I spoke to him in Russian, and he started to show me his goods: "All my badges are original, I also have medals from the WW2, they are great presents for the Novi God (New Year)!" I asked if I can draw him. " No! No!" he answered . "Why? I draw very nice!" - I showed him my sketchbook. "Yes, but I don't want to stand still." - he said. "you don't need to, don't worry" - I calmed him down and got the approval to draw him. "There is not enough people arrive here..." - complained the seller. "What is your name?" - I asked. "Boris" - he answered. "Nice to meet you. I'm Marina. I'll promote you in my blog!" - I promised. So here, I fulfill it. Please come to the Boris' stand at the Vintage Flea market at Tel Aviv! ;)
Boris sells Soviet souvenirs at the market
some characters at the square

player and listeners
As usual, time flew up so fast, I need to come back to this area!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Urban Sketchers Tel Aviv occupating Afula!

Here are some sketches I did at the festival of 3D pavement paintings in Afula, where Urban Sketchers Tel Aviv was invited to take a part during Sukkot holidays. It was really nice event, full of colorful events, challenging, but fun!
my first "model" - street artist taking different postures and the audience

Hasidic wild dance

street musicians-kleizmerim 

the view on the bulevard with the 3d painting on the pavement
audience watching one of the street artists in action
It was really fun, different and in fresh Northen atmosphere!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Memories from Crete

At the end of summer we went to Crete for a small family vacation. As usually at family vacations, the decision when to sketch wasn't always in my hands, and many beautiful moments stayed out of my sketchbook.
But still, while scanning it, sketches reminded many tiny episodes from this calm and beautiful vacation, much more than many photos I took during the trip.
You can see the entire Crete sketchbook on Flickr.